Sunday, September 30, 2012

Five wrongs get you a passport

We've been preparing for a trip to the Dominican Republic to see Grammy and Grampy on their "smish-sion" and the last step was to get Ward born (and me unpregnant) and get him a passport.

10 short days ago we acquired his birth certificate and headed to Walgreens to get his picture taken for his passport. Long story short, the photo clerk didn't tell me until after the ordeal of getting a picture that met the proper criteria that their printer was broken and the pictures wouldn't be ready until late that afternoon. Since both parents have to be there to apply for minors' passports, Eric and I had a specific window to get it done over his lunch. Waiting for the picture was not going to work.

So, we went to the passport office and got Ward's picture taken there. The woman there broke literally every rule. Literally. We have:

1. Improper framing
2. A tilted head
3. Closed eyes
4. Over exposure
5. Eric's hand!

The woman assured us that it was acceptable and whisked it away. I left just knowing it was never going to pass. Eric even went back to the office the next day to see if we could swap the picture for the "acceptable" one from Walgreens (that did get printed and picked up by me, eventually).

Much to my surprise, yesterday, 9 days since we applied (and 1 day before online application status tracking became available) Ward's official passport arrived.

We're totally going somewhere when he's five, just so we can use that bad boy.


Kate said...

I can't believe you got it like that... I was so nervous about Leah and Drew's that I paid extra to do it at the passport office... if only I would have known!!! You guys are going to have a great trip.

Anna said...

Seriously! I can't believe it worked. Hopefully, we get Iva's soon so they can be buddies in the DR.

Kendra said...

That's crazy they let that fly. Also...crazy you are taking a trip to the DR with all your kids. You are brave! (And it also sounds awesome) :)