Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alpine Slides or Bust

Oh my gosh, Eric has been wanting to go to the Alpine Slides in Park City FOREVER.  Ok, since the last time we went.  The man likes a thrill, what can I say?  The trip kept falling through, getting pushed off, etc. and Eric finally put his foot down.  He was going to Park City or bust.  He very cleverly told the kids of his plans to ride a roller coaster in the mountains, and then he had two very powerful allies.

So, Eric, Pop, Nan, Amos and Maggie headed to Park City and rode their little hearts out:

When they left I just knew someone was going to get it came as no surprise when Eric called me on their way home and said, "just so you know, Amos is hurt."  What I wasn't expecting was how...not on the slide, roller coaster, train, carousel, etc.  He tripped while walking.  Unfortunately, his hands were in his pockets and there was no saving his face from the concrete :(

He's just about healed now, and by some miracle didn't knock out any of his teeth.  Now he has a cool story to tell.  And Eric finally got his wish to ride the slides.

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