Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ward is Two Weeks Old

It's hard to believe Ward is already two weeks old!  Especially since I was supposed to be going in for an induction tomorrow.  The last two weeks were a total whirlwind, and I am not sure I have entirely wrapped my brain around all of it.  What I do know:
  • Ward is home.
  • He's reached his birth weight +2 oz.
  • Ward's first outing was to the dentist with me.  (It was an emergency!)  
  • We had our first family outing to Temple Square, City Creek, and the Church History Museum.
  • Ward went to church for the first time on Sunday.  He made all the other babies look 10 lbs. bigger.
  • Ward met his Nan and Pop Horne.
  • Ward has slept through the night twice.  (I know, it's a gift, and no, I am not waking him up to feed him.  EVER.)
  • I couldn't choose which of the kids is the best helper with Ward, they all adore him. So far he doesn't have a preference.
And, in tradition, Ward's first "growing bear" pictures:

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