Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time and/or Antibiotics

I did a terrible, er, nonexistent job of documenting when Maggie was in the NICU, so I guess this is my chance at redemption.

We had a good day today.  I started out still at OCH, finishing the last of my antibiotics. Eric went over to be with Ward at UVRMC, where he got to see the xrays of his lungs.  This morning's xrays were LOTS better than the ones they took yesterday.  Around lunch time Eric came and got me, and then we headed to see Ward.  It was the first I had seen him in almost 24 hours.  I have to say, at that point, it felt like I didn't know him at all.  We were able to hold him, which was totally unexpected, but so welcomed.

I love my boys! Like I said, we've been here before.

After a couple hours with him, we headed home to pick up the three amigos, who were having a great time at yet another great friend's house.  We spent a couple hours with the amigos at home, during which the Webelos (scouts from our ward) came and did yard work!  Unbelievable.  After dinner we took the kids to a third friend's house, and headed back to Ward.  The back and forth is a little crazy, ok, a lot crazy, but it's so necessary.  The big kids are so aware of what's going on, and they really need to know they're just as important to us as Ward is.  Tonight after family prayers Amos said how glad he was that Ward was here because now he could snuggle me again.  I had no idea that my "no lap" policy was so sad for him =( 

Back with Ward we got the best high of the day: nakedy snuggles!  The proper name would be skin to skin contact, but I'm going with nakedy snuggles.  Ward was able to curl up on my chest and just be the sweetest little prince that ever was.  It was so therapeutic for both of us.

As far as Ward's status, his lungs got slightly stronger today.  He is still on the cpap machine, and didn't do well when taken off of it.  For now the treatment plan is time and antibiotics.  

Final thoughts for today:
  • When I got home with the kids I sat down with them and showed them all of Ward's "things" from the hospital.  There were two tiny hats, tiny socks, bottles, and his footprints.  When we got to the footprints Amos said, "look! his paw prints!!"
  • The kids are now referring to Ward as robot brother, which I think is a good interpretation of the cpap machine by them.
  • Amos is really wanting to see Ward.  We set the date for Saturday.  The plan now is that each sibling can bring Ward one little toy to leave with him.  Amos really wanted to bring three things, so Maggie said he could take hers for her. 


deveney said...

oh my gosh, what a blessing! So glad you could go see him so soon-normal deliveries sound so divine! Sounds like things are going ok, and that is good. Ok is bearable, you can do this! When Tucker was in the Nicu, my hospital was 45 minutes away and Paisley was 15 minutes away. Poor Chris was exhausted after that first weekend with all the back and forth. But like you said, it is necessary and will be over before you know it. Keep up the good work, hope you are healing quickly! So glad you have awesome friends that are able to help you guys:)

Kate said...

Go Ward! Glad that you have so much love and support from all those around you.