Thursday, August 2, 2012

The 'Gygis' are Ready and Waiting...

It's new baby Horne's birth month!  God willing, we'll induce on the 29th.  I am certain I have never been so ready to have a baby o-u-t.  Since there is nothing to do but wait at this point, I figured I'd share one of my true loves: aden and anais swaddling blankets.

When Maggie was born, we didn't buy her much of anything.  She got to use all of Amos' hand me downs, with the exception of his "gygi" (i.e. blanket).  There was no way we were getting that away from him.  By total chance, I bought Mags a set of A&A swaddling blankets (since I knew for my kids, swaddling made them HAPPY).  I've never turned back.

As with the girls, Eric and I took special care to pick out swaddling blankets for the new baby.  We (mostly me) settled on these ones:

Amos' gygi is "lion gygi" and he is still pretty attached.  I am not going to do a thing about it either.

Maggie's gygi is "pretend gygi."  I don't have the slightest clue why it's called "pretend," as you can see, it's very real.  The only thing I've really gotten out of her is that it's because it has stars on it.  Stars are real though too?  She started calling it that long before she made a lot of sense, so we'll probably never know.

Auds isn't much of a talker, and she mostly prefers her babies, but she has a gygi too:

Aden and Anais are everywhere (even Target!) now, so I am sure I am not alone in my love.  Go get some, and you can be in love too ;)


Kendra said...

Those are super cute! I like the style you decided on. I never used those with Owen, but I have heard amazing things about them.

Annie H. said...

That brand has been recommended to me in the past -- good to know! They are VERY cute!

Anna said...

I love mine too! All courtesy of you. And baby Iva loves it. It is perfect for the heat too.