Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The End of Day 1

Tonight I got the best surprise... 

After stopping by the other hospital to see Ward, Eric went home to be with Amos, Maggie, and Audrey, leaving me alone in Orem =(  I am a big girl, but I have never done a night alone in the hospital before.  Around 8:30, I settled in for a quick nap, since I am dead tired, but will need to be up for pumping, antibiotics checks, etc.  One successful power nap later, I found myself being woken up by Audrey and Eric!  I was so very grateful to see them.  Their mere presence made me feel awesome, but they brought comforting news from home too.  My family is being very well cared for in my absence.  My unbelievably thoughtful friend Melanie watched the kids all day, did Maggie and Audrey's hair special for them, and then fed Eric dinner for me.  I couldn't ask for more.

I am certain Audrey's hair has never looked so good.  I am also pretty grateful that Audrey and Eric brought me chocolate ;) 

As for Ward, he is alone in the hospital tonight too.  The last update we got was that he was back on the c pap machine, being monitored.  He's due for some more lung x-rays in the morning.

I cannot wait to have my rowdy clan all at home together.


deveney said...

oh laura! i didn't know that ward had ot be in another hospital from you. that is horrible, i seriously consider those 3 1/2 days that i was apart from tucker some of my darkest. we aren't meant to together for 10 months and then not be able to hold them and see them. do you have pictures of him to look at?? a nurse took a picture of tucker and printed it for me and i clung to that thing all weekend long. i hope you are healing and that you can be with ward (at home!) soon! good job pumping, it is a thankless and tireless thing to do-what a good momma you are! i know how hard it is to set the alarm for pumping time when there is no baby there, but it will be worth it to feed ward the best stuff he can get! love you and praying for you guys:)

The Brown's said...

Laura, we are happy to help silly girl! And it was only pizza ;) I am glad that Ward is doing better and breathing on his own. I so hope he can come home soon! Until then, we will all help with the amigos so you can spend time with Ward.