Monday, August 20, 2012

One more day?

Today was a much better day in the NICU. I still didn't match up with Ward's feedings as perfectly as I would have liked, but I felt like there was better understanding from his nurses.

Our pediatrician came in while I was there today, and we had a good chat about things. He said they had to assume that it was group b strep that Ward had, even though nothing ever grew in the cultures. Probably the antibiotics I got during labor took care of that. We also talked about how crazy it is that not one, but two of my kids managed to get it. He said, "luckily they're as good at fighting it off as you are at passing it on." Ain't that the truth.

My family continues to be well cared for, and I am so grateful for that. My kids have been welcomed into so many different homes, it's amazing. Good friends have been there for me in so many ways too, usually through good food and good company ;)

Tonight Eric and I passed the "give your baby a bath" test and the "prove you can buckle a carseat" test. Now one little IV stands between Ward and freedom. Tomorrow is the day!

Eric took this shot tonight (you've got to get creative when you're photographing a baby who doesn't move from the same bed or change clothes):

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