Saturday, August 18, 2012

Live from the NICU

Another day at the NICU here. We've gotten the schedule down pretty good. I spend about 5 hours with Ward each day, and then another couple hours driving back and forth, etc. It's easily a full time job. I try to hang out up in Provo between feedings, so as to avoid going insane from the back and forth. Yesterday morning I forgot my pumped milk at home, and didn't realize it until I was out of Springville. I thought I was going to lose it driving back down Springville main street one more time. The adrenaline has worn off, and all of the coming and going is really wearing me out. The "feeling great" feeling has disappeared. I can't wait to be laying around my house with all of my babies.

Enough about me though, Ward is doing well. He is completely off the feeding tube, so it's just him and I now. The nurse said he's been pounding his bottles (when I am not here to nurse) and our nursing went great this morning. He is still receiving antibiotics, and sadly, his bilirubin was elevated this morning (that or they left him too close to the window). He is one orange little dude. So, all we know for now is that he won't be coming home tomorrow.

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