Monday, August 13, 2012


Grammy's visit last week came and went in the blink of an eye =(  It was SO good to see her.  For us, it was all happy.  We're used to her coming and going, so to me, it didn't feel more difficult than those other trips (even though I know she wasn't going back to Idaho).  Don't get me wrong, we always miss her (and Papa), but we're used to never having enough time with them.

We were lucky that Grammy needed a ride from Idaho to Utah, and Anna was kind enough to bring her (and week old Iva!!) down to see us.  That was super bonus.

The kids loved having Grammy around.  Grammy concocted up some story about Amos' toys coming alive and playing in his room at night while he was sleeping, and Amos and Grammy just kept making it more and more elaborate.  Amos was pretty impressed.  I think he's really torn about whether he believes her or not...but he sure wants to.

Grammy was impressed with Maggie this trip.  She said she thought Maggie had changed the most, and was much more talkative than when she left.  Grammy did refuse to sleep with her after the first night though. Something about too much snuggling?

And then there is Audrey...that little girl has magic. 

Grammy was an awesome helper.  She was always feeding, cleaning, folding laundry, making beds, etc.  It was so nice to have the help!  I am sure it wasn't how she wanted to spend the last couple days of her vacation, but I am so grateful.

We also got a chance to see Meg during Grammy's trip, another super bonus:

It's hard to believe Grammy is already back in the Dominican Republic.  We know it's where she is supposed to be, but we miss her.  We can't wait to have her and Papa back.

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