Monday, August 6, 2012

A lesson in humility and other snippets

Dada came home from scout camp.

Lately, I have been getting very frustrated with other people not being as high functioning as I might like. Then I backed into my own garage door.

Maggie is now defending everything that comes out of the garden as a "fruit baby." She wouldn't let me cook anything for dinner tonight. She runs away from Audrey crying, "she's trying to eat my babies!!". Audrey is generally trying to eat her babies.

Amos has been pushing around a toy shopping/grocery cart full of everything he owns. Hands on job training?

Grammy is coming to Utah tomorrow! We'll get to see her for two very short days while she is on hiatus from her mission (senior missionaries get one trip home). She left Grampy in the Dominican Republic to hold down the fort. We'll miss him.

We like the Olympics. Amos is super curious about how all of the athletes get to ________ (fill in the blank of whatever they're doing). I really like seeing Kate Middleton in the stands.

Audrey is all about the marathon baths these days. Especially if there are bubbles.

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