Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Want to see my RIBBA?

Since Eric is gone all week to Scout camp =( and not one thing will be getting done around here, I thought I'd post a few of the small projects I've been working on...

Pretty much, hours and hours spent on Pinterest led me to believe that buying the perfect box, basket, bag, shoe holder, etc. would solve all of my clutter issues.  It's just not so.  In my case at least, it really came down to a lot more discipline, for me and the kids.  I do love my Pinterest projects, however.

First, the kids' bathroom.  Our builder cut every corner humanly possible when building our house, and we have spent the last few years trying to fill them in.  A big one lately is bathroom storage.  Aside from the sink cabinets, there are no medicine cabinets, drawers, shelves or any place to put things.  It hasn't mattered too much, since the kids haven't had much by way of bathroom items, but now that they're getting bigger (and there are so many more of them) there are a lot of toothbrushes, toothpastes, hair brushes, and hair ties floating around.  Enter bygel.

This is an Ikea kitchen organization series, but it works great in the bathroom too.  Those rods were $2.99, and so was the hanging basket.  The plastic cups were $0.99.  The perfect price for being used and abused by the tiny terrors.  The spendiest item was the asker, plus grundtal containers:

The website says it was $15 for the magnetic strip, but I am sure I paid closer to $8...maybe there was a shorter one in the store or something??  Regardless, it's perfect for wrangling 8,000 hair ties, clips and bows.  It's so nice to just grab the one I want when doing the girls' hair, and then pop it back up there as soon as we're done.

Our bathroom actually has enough storage, but the dead wall above the toilet has always driven me nuts.  A while back, I decided I really wanted to mount wood crates as shelves, but as with anything that is "all the rage," wood crates became impossible to find, or impossibly expensive.  Once again, Ikea saved the day.  While looking for bookshelves, I found these baskets.  They actually had the hardware for mounting them already attached to their bottoms, so it was an easy substitute:

I  really like it, though I think I still need a small shelf under them, and maybe some kind of print. 

And, finally, the Pinterest Pin seen round the world.  I just had to get in on the photo ledge bookshelf idea, even if everyone I know also has one in their house.  It's just so cute, and we're all about the book displays in this house.

The kids' old bookshelf was completely falling apart, and though it looks fine in this picture, it was really bugging me:

Now, seeing this every time I look down the hall makes me HAPPY:

And, no, I did not wait for good light to take the pictures.  My bad.  I am an impatient soul.  And, yes, I put the books I hate reading on the top shelf.  Out of sight, out of mind.

I can't believe I put pictures of two separate toilets in the same post.  Sheesh.  I am off to hide somewhere.


Annie H. said...

I ADORE your updated bookshelf! How adorable is THAT?!? I wish I could pin this post :)

lizi said...

Wow! What a transformation. Everything looks great. I do love the bookshelf shelves and the magnetic holders. Good thing I don't live by an ikea.

Laura Horne said...

Thanks Annie.

And, see Liz, I didn't need your crate :)

Stephanie Walton said...

Your whole house is changing since we "lived" there! We need to come live there again so we are updated with the new feel of the Horne house. I love it all! Great job you awesome creative crafter you ;)