Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tee balle est terminé

Amos had his last tee ball game in June.  You'd better believe I spaced that it was the last one until long after it was over.  I didn't even ever mention it to him.  Whoops.  Thank heavens for a great coach who put together a great little party to celebrate the end of the season. 

What's not to love about group shots of children?

Amos got his first trophy, which he was totally thrilled about.  In fact, this morning (three days later) I heard him say, "Maggie, can you watch my trophy while I go get my haircut?"  None of his personal items have ever required watching before (and haircuts no longer warrant a blog post)...

Amos and Coach Val

Fun time with a fun team!  Next up is soccer.  I think.

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