Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nan and Pop's July Visit, Independence Day

We're so very lucky that Nan and Pop have made the 4th of July in Utah a tradition.  In years past we've always done so/too much, so this year, in my current condition, we scaled it waaaay back.  It was perfect. 

We traded the hot and overcrowded parade for breakfast at Maglebys.  Hello french toast.  Then, we traded loud and overcrowded Stadium of Fire for the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point.  SO much better.  Although there were a lot of people there, it wasn't jammed and there was plenty of room for the kids to run around and play.  And no one was in my space, which is a huge issue these days.

We did poppers and sparklers at our house, and had glow sticks for Thanksgiving Point.  Our kids were totally happy.

We did still manage to put on our "Patriotic" gear:

Another very successful Utah 4th!

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deveney said...

you are killing me with the matching sandals, so cute!