Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nan and Pop's July Visit, Lady Shoppe

Since it was so hot out for a lot of Nan and Pop's visit, we had to find some indoor things to do too.  Amos struck gold the first night when he said, "Hey, Nan, do you want to visit the 'Lady Shoppe'?"  (the addition of the 'e' is an artistic interpretation by me).

Nan, always a good sport, played along and Amos entertained us all for an hour while he did Nan's hair, put lotion and make up on her, and said things like, "you can read a book while you're here if you like."

It was so sweet, and he spent the rest of the night telling her how beautiful she is.

When he ran out of ways to beautify Nan, he turned on Maggie: 

She loved it.

And, apparently, this is how you pose when you're running a "Lady Shoppe":

He did pretty good...two happy customers.


yukonskeeper said...

I love it! Bring those lady shoppe skills this way.

Anna said...

I love his posing... that kid :)