Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Me and My Entourage Do Idaho

Best shot of the "little" cousins.

Last week the kids and I went to Idaho to spend some time with my sisters and the cousins.  We had a great time, though it seriously felt hotter than the surface of the sun.  I have zero tolerance for heat, it just totally shuts me down.  Not to mention the regular third trimester pregnancy discomforts.

The kids spent tons of time in the pool, and even I got in.  They insisted on using tubes while wearing their floaties.  There's never too much redundancy when it comes to pool safety ;)

When not in the pool, there was lots of yard wandering, trampoline jumping, and car driving.  The best part about Eagle is that my kids just always seem to come alive there.  They love the wide open spaces and running free.

Eagle, ID July 2012
*Swimming. Hot Tubbing. Jumping. Gardening. Horseback Riding. Cartoon Watching. Yogurt Eating. McDonald's. Pirates Movie. Park. Hobby Lobby. Kneaders. Cars, Dinosaurs, Truck driving.  Bike riding. Powerwheels driving. Primary with the cousins. Chicken Feeding.  Chore Doing. Cookie Baking. Pioneer Day Celebrating. Hair doing.*

"On our way home" from Boise we swung through Idaho Falls to see Anna and baby Iva.  Even though we got there on Iva's due date, we knew it probably wasn't likely that we'd get to see her.  She's not showing any signs of being interested in coming.  She must be pretty cozy where she is ;)  So, we took our new mission of distracting Anna and helping her pass a little time very seriously.  Well, we fed her a couple times at least.  

The kids loved Anna's house, and Auds did a great job of keeping Iva's things warm for her:

We're sad we couldn't see Iva, but my bed and own space were calling me, and the kids were ready too.  Although, we've been home like 12 hours and Amos is already asking when our next trip is.  Maggie is just asking to go to McDonald's.