Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally! Some photos.

Apparently, yesterday's post was all it took to get Eric to take the pictures for me.  If only I'd known all I had to do was ask!

So, like I said, (and now you can see) we ran out of trex with like 30 square feet to go...it's so sad that it's so close.  But otherwise, it's sit-able (and we have been sitting!) and slide-able (and they have been sliding!). 

After the last of the trex it's onto the stairs and then the railing.  The stairs will land on that concrete pad you can see in the front, to give you an idea.  Also, I feel like the pictures are a little misleading, the slide is 5'.  Next time we'll have to get a person standing there for reference.


Kendra said...

5'? It's got to be taller than that. Otherwise I'd be 10 inches taller than your slide. I don't think that's right. Unless you mean 5' in a different measurement.

yukonskeeper said...

Looks great. I love the slide.

Kate said...

So fun!

Meg Shaver said...

WOAH!!! That is sooo sweet!