Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enter Gestational Diabetes

I really should have written this post last Friday, it would have been MUCH more entertaining.  Lifetime made for t.v. movie levels of drama.  Unfortunately for you, I restrained myself and gave it a couple days.  I have a much cooler head now, though I am not claiming to be level headed in any way.

So...over the last couple weeks I did the usual glucose testing, and failed and failed again.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last Thursday, and by Friday I had booked 6 new appointments to begin treatment (perinatologist, diabetes counseling x2, dietician, my general practitioner, and a follow-up with my OB).  Good grief.

I went to the diabetes clinic and saw the dietician on Friday.  That really is not the place to start for pregnant women.  They had me worked into a total tizzy.  I spent the weekend totally stressed, anxious, and feeling very guilty. 

Thankfully, yesterday we went to the Perinatologist and she put my mind totally at ease.  We got to see little man (who is, indeed, a man), and he looked perfect.  He is measuring the right size (which is the big concern for babies of GD).  It was actually pretty neat to have an ultrasound, I have never had one after the 20 week one.  We got to see his little mouth move (AMAZING!) and I could tell what stuff was way better than at 20 weeks, when it's all kind of blurry to me. 

Profile shot

I have never had a pregnancy complication, and let me tell you, it is not fun.  I completely understand why women who have difficult pregnancies find it hard to want to go through it all again.  It seriously doesn't matter what the problem is, as a mom, you blame yourself, and you worry.  And worry.  

So, for now, I eat a specific diet, exercise, and monitor my blood sugar.  It doesn't sound so bad when you put it that way. 


Kendra said...

Blech! I'm so sorry. That would not be fun at all. I know it's more intense than what you said. I love that you waited to post about it. Then you avoided a total rant like I had for my bed rest period. Sheesh I sounded like a spaz. Anyway, we'll make sure to have a GD friendly sleepover when we get together in August. :)

Andrea said...

hang in there my friend.

deveney said...

boo. so sorry, i really loathe pregnancy complications that add appointments/annoyingness to you life! keep your chin up:) ps- i am kinda sad we didn't hear the full rant;)

Stephanie Walton said...

Awe what a bummer! You don't expect that when you go in for those routine pregnancy appointments. Sounds like a pain, all those appointments- especially to lug around 3 kiddos with ya. Sorry I'm not there to help!!