Friday, June 29, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

Did you think we all fell off the deck?  While probable, it hasn't happened yet.  And, chances are getting slimmer as we speak:

Today we went to Home Depot to pick out and buy our Trex!  There is a sale on Trex today (15% off), and Eric has been out of town on and off for the last two weeks, so it seemed right to wait until this weekend to get going on the Trex.  The last two weeks haven't been totally wasted though, Eric managed to pour the concrete pad for the stairs' landing and install the twisty slide. Yeah, I know, you're all going to need pictures of that one.  Soon, very soon.

While Eric was traveling for work the kids and I tried oh, so hard to stay busy and not go crazy.  We're all still alive, with all of our limbs, so I am going to say we succeeded. 

We went to Ikea:

Picked up and enjoyed our Bountiful Basket:

When we went to sign in for the basket the lady said, "oh, your husband always comes."  Nice.  I told her we replaced him with a much cuter entourage:

I didn't actually complete any of my Ikea projects, but that doesn't mean they've gone to waste:

Hopefully this weekend I'll get some of my Ikea stuff done, because there are bygels, ribbas, and pjas all over the place.

We also got some free candy at Blickenstaff's:

Not pictured: Amos and Maggie finished out summer camp, Audrey is insisting on potty training (but she's all talk), I did some of Eric's "chores" while he was away: chickens, fish, and the lawn all need to be care for, and the laundry sure doesn't do itself, I tell you.

Can you believe it is going to be July on Sunday???  My poor 4th of July decorations aren't going to make it out of their tupperware this year :( 

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Kate said...

Finally an update! I want to see a picture of the slide!