Monday, June 11, 2012

Art City Days 2012

Art City Days have come and gone, and I can hardly believe it.  Scheduling conflicts limited our participation to Saturday only, but, boy did we make a day of it.

We started with the parade in the morning:

The kids loved it.  Amos wanted to know about every thing that went by us (whether it was in the parade or not).

Maggie LOVED all of the "princesses."  I love that for her.  (I am a card carrying member of the princess loving club). 

Auds LOVED the candy.  And the other snacks we brought.  She was a dancing fool too.

We talked the kids into going out onto the empty road for a picture. They were so hesitant.

The only thing that wasn't a hit were the sirens.  Except for maybe with me.  I enjoyed the cuteness.

After the parade we headed home for our naps before our big night out at the "Carnivore" (aka Carnival).

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Kate said...

I can't believe how big Audrey is getting! More pictures of her please! Looks like a very fun day.