Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let's Go For a Stroll

Decision 2012 has been made.  We opted for the Baby Jogger City Select double stroller.  AND IT IS SO NICE I WANT TO BUY IT PRESENTS.  Seriously.  All I can think about is all of the accessories, attachments, and upgrades it 'deserves.'

The decision ultimately came down to two things:

1. The glider board attachment.  SO critical when Amos is a member of your family.

2. The 'stadium' seating (as opposed to a reverse stadium situation). 

It is a total hit with the kids, and I wish it hadn't taken us 4 years to figure out that it would be worth it.  I always thought I would never need anything more than my $80 Jeep stroller, but I was wrong.  So very wrong. 

Last night after we assembled it, I just sat looking at it, thinking about all of the places we would haul it.  It's amazing, really.  It's going to see a lot o t-ball, Art City Days, Freedom Festival, City Creek, and on and on...

Thanks for your help everyone! 


Meg Shaver said...

Looks sweet! Maggie and Audrey look so alike! it's kind of crazy!

Anna said...

It is weird how alike they look. I had a hard time figuring out the picture at first when it was a thumbnail. I am glad you went for a jogger too. Joggers are supposed to be awesome!

yukonskeeper said...

Forget the stroller. When did you have twins?

Dad said...

The thumbnails can fool you, I thought Amos looked weird in the first picture, until it became Maggie with her hair back.

Stephanie Walton said...

That thing is SAWEEEEEET!! I want one!!! ..and congratulations on a decision well made ;)