Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Lesson

Today I was in the kitchen putting together freezer meals (holla!), when Amos came in from the backyard.

"Mom, what would happen if one of the chickens died?" he asked.

"Oh, buddy, is one of the chickens hurt?" 

"No, but what would happen?"

"It would be ok, the chickie would go to heaven and be happy."

"Oh, there is a chicken dead."

We headed out into the backyard and Amos took me to the sweetest little chicken resting place I ever saw.  Amos told me he tried to wake him up, but he wouldn't open his eyes.  We stood there and talked for a couple minutes, and then Amos said,

"So, how do we get heaven to come get him???"

We left the chicken where he was and went back in the house to continue going about our chores.  I texted Eric to let him know what happened, and that we were ok.  A few minutes later, Amos came to me again, still very worried about what would happen to the chicken.  A lengthy dicussion of funerals, when Dada gets home, shoeboxes, etc. ensued, and then Amos said,

"When we hear wiggling in the box, we will let the chicken out because that means he's alive again!"

Oh.  My heart broke a little.  I told him that the chicken wouldn't be alive again, and then he said,

"Won't he be like Jesus??????"

Oh.  Heart.  I told him Jesus was special, to which he asked,

"Are we special????"

Thank God we are.  The tears welling up in my eyes made Amos start to freak out and soon he was a sobbing mess.  We called Eric, who has a much calmer head (and waaay less hormones) than I, and Eric told Amos everything was going to be ok.  Amos slowly calmed down, but not without some seriously good snuggles on my lap. 

We knew this lesson would be inevitable when we got the chickens, I just didn't have any idea how hard it would be for me.  Whew.


Meg Shaver said...

wow, what an awesome experience though. Hard to learn the lesson but it is such a powerful thing! So, cute to see Amos is so in tune!

Kendra said...

What a sweet sweet boy. Out of the mouths of babes. I (just as hormonal as you) was tearing up reading this. Such an important lesson to learn and so great he can see we will be like Jesus one day! :)

Stephanie Walton said...

Oh my goodness. Cutest little story ever!