Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jots & Tittles

Finally, they're starting to give back.

Amos started t-ball last week.  He loves it!  I know I am his mom, but he really seems like he might be pretty athletic.  Only time will tell I suppose.  His team is the "Pirates" and it's a love affair.

Amos has been playing "The Sims" lately.  One day I caught him FILLING his house with flowers.  He said, "Mom, do you know why I have so many flowers?  They were just SO beautiful, I couldn't stop."

We talk about, shop for, and prepare for new baby Horne ALL THE TIME.  He might be the most anticipated baby ever (well, with the exception of Will & Kate's). 

Sunday morning I woke up to a gentle nudging on my arm.  It was Audrey, holding an empty bowl.  "Mama, mama, mama" (just like a baby doll).  Audrey shoving empty bowls at me is the universal sign to feed her. 

We have reinstated afternoon naps for all of the kids.  The longer days are making for shorter "nights" and there was much orneriness. 

Today I registered the kids for swim lessons, which is MY FAVORITE summer activity.  I am seriously looking forward to it.  They are too, and I haven't even told them they're going to get to go with their best friends.

I have been spending tons of time on Pinterest, but it is actually leading to some really great projects/dinners/ideas.  For once, it's good.

The kids got haircuts.  It always makes them look older =(  We also bought our first case of otter pops =)

I just found out after three weeks of not knowing, that my cellphone wasn't sending or receiving text messages.  No error messages, just pretending on it's part.  I'm not super important or anything, but I am only starting to unravel the messes/frustrations/hurt feelings it caused for the people I know (and text). 

BUT, the texting debacle did lead to the discovery that my driver's license expired in MARCH!  I am certain I would have been in an airport, excited to go on a trip, when I finally figured it out if this hadn't happened. 

And, that's a wrap. For now.


Kendra said...

Love love love the scrabble family names. I may have to do that...one day...when I'm more certain our family is complete? Anyway, I went to comment on your "you taught me that" post since I just read it from my blogger, but it's gone. Did you delete it? Either way...hilarious! And definitely a lesson in watching what you say. Also loved the reference to you falling down the stairs with the biggie soda. Although you failed to mention the broken heel. ;) Oh, and I texted you recently. Did you not get it? Maybe I'll just call you to be sure. :)

Laura Horne said...

Yes, the "you taught me that" post was deemed too racy for charmed Hornes ;) not by me, of course.

My phone is working now, so text or call. I'll send you a text too.