Monday, May 28, 2012

Deck "Up"date

While I am watching the cemetery out the front window, Eric and Amos are putting in some serious manual labor in the back yard.  They've been out there every night this week digging holes and pouring cement.  Today they finally got to start on the fun part: the structure.

Eric is putting up the massive 6x6 beams all by himself.  I occasionally help guide the laser level, and Amos provides a never-ending, relentless soundtrack.

From earlier this week:

They work until dark almost every night, which is getting later and later these days.

At any given moment, this is my view from the kitchen window:

I love it, and am going to be really sad when Eric goes back to work tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a rare appearance by Maggie in the back yard, for the most part, she's inside watching "My Little Pony" (that's my girl!).

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candace said...

Eric is super handy!can't believe he is doing the deck all by himself!can't wait to see it finished...