Tuesday, April 17, 2012

While Dada was Away

Last week Eric went on a two-night campout with the boy scouts from our ward.  I was a little worried about all of the single mom time, but we stayed so busy, it flew by.

We painted the bathroom:

Remember the orange wall?  I miss it.  Amos does too.  Eric is thrilled it's gone.

I painted the accent wall for new "office space" (using the same brown paint):

We partied so hard, we had a pass-out:

The kids are playing great together these days.  It only took a bunk bed and two ipads ;)

Speaking of ipads, we fixed Mag's shattered screen.  Dave did 90% of the work, but I watched so I am ready to go next time.  Because there will be a next time:

One of the funny things about the ipads, is that the kids privately watch a lot of shows on Netflix.  Unlike the t.v., I can't really hear it.  So, sometimes they come up with these funny ideas that they saw on Caillou or whatever, and I have no idea what they're talking about.  For example, Amos came out of his room the other day and said, "Mom, can we take a picture of me and my bears?  So, if they get lost we'll know what they look like to find them again."  Sure, buddy.

He is getting so big.  They all are.

We missed Eric a lot, but we actually did ok this time.  And preschool was even cancelled because of spring break.

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