Sunday, April 8, 2012

Singing with the Primary

 If you were in an LDS Sacrament meeting today, it's likely you got to see a primary (all of the children ages 3-11) sing.  Our ward was no exception.

We didn't know the primary was singing, and Eric had just taken Maggie out to go the bathroom when they announced that they would be part of the program.  I was so sad that she was going to miss her first time singing with the primary, so when she came back just a second after they started, I sent her up to the stand (the front where all the kids were standing).

She went running up, so excited.  I have no idea why, but one little boy decided Maggie shouldn't be up there.  When she got to the stairs, he put his arms out and blocked her.  She took one look at him, turned right around, and came running back right back to Eric and I, just a little sad.  When she got to us, I told her, it's ok, you can go up there...go ahead.

So, Maggie went bolting right back up the aisle.  This time, when the boy went to block her, she BARRELED right past him!  She seriously ducked her head and charged!  I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD =)  Having Amos as a brother paid off much earlier than expected.

The boy still wasn't having it though, and he grabbed her by the waist and pushed her right back off the stand.  Once again, she came running back down the aisle, this time a lot sad.  Being a mother, I picked her up, walked her around to the other aisle, and sent her up that one for a try.  She met no resistance and joined the rest of the primary for the last two lines of the song.  It was the BEST first primary performance ever.

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candace said...

Oh my gosh!go Maggie!love how tough she was..