Monday, April 16, 2012

A New View

For as long as we have lived in this house, I have wanted to put a built-in study at the bottom of the stairs.  But, alas, I could never bring myself to shell out the cash.  Eric and I have toyed with various other ideas over the last couple years, but never followed through with any of them.  Lately though, I have been DYING for my own space.  We have so much room in our house, but I feel like there is not one inch that is just mine.  The three Amigos run this place, and they have marked all of the territory.  Even "Lauraland" has been overrun with finger paints and play-doh.  I use the counter in the kitchen for a very cluttered command center and it drives me bananas.  The kids are always into it.  We had a computer on that same counter, and whenever we would use it for video chatting Grammy/Grampy/Nan/Pop/Anna/Morgan the kids would destroy my piles of papers. 

You're probably starting to wonder the point of all this?  Basically, it's the long way of saying, we went to Ikea and bought a desk.

I still need to hem the curtains and buy a longer curtain rod (I thought I might get by with using one we already owned) but otherwise, I love it.  We moved the "kitchen computer" downstairs, and I have my laptop set up on the desk too.  No more destructive video chats.  It's nice to have some extra space in the kitchen too. 

The only downside...Amos has pretty much taken over.  He has been printing reams of coloring pages from  I am starting to think I'll never have my own space again.  At least not for 20 some years.  It was a nice try anyway.

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