Thursday, April 19, 2012

How are you doing?

  • Yesterday the kids: re-cracked Maggie's ipad, shattered a picture frame in Amos' bed, shredded a Netflix return envelope, and finger painted a wall.
  • Last night in the car on the way home from church Amos said, "I looove girls, they are so pretty."  No more hanging out with the Deacons.
  • I've been up all night two nights in a row.
  • Today at Walmart Amos said, "I farted at school today. (insert mouth fart here =P)."  Did you say, "excuse me," I asked?  The response: "No, mom, not with my mouth, with this (sticks butt out)."  
  • Today we went through the car wash with the door cracked.  
  • Today I put all of the ingredients for dinner in the crock pot then turned it on.  Didn't plug it in though.  8 hours on low just turned into 4 hours on high.

If we're not winning, I don't know who is.


yukonskeeper said...

Um, you win.

deveney said...

awesome. have you tried 2 benadryl for sleeping? when i get my crazy rash, i take 2 and sleep really well. my doc said it was ok...just an idea. if it makes you feel better all of your winning made me laugh and smile and i don't do that very often because i am massive and hurt and am cranky most of the time, so thanks for that!

Kate said...