Monday, April 16, 2012

An Heir To Spare

I'm fairly certain most everyone knows this post was coming, so I'll get to it:

Fourth baby Horne is on HIS way.  We are so unbelievably excited to be having another boy.  We feel totally lucky and blessed.  At the ultrasound we played it really cool when the tech asked if we wanted to know the gender.  We caught him totally off guard with all of the whopping and hollering when he said it was a boy!  Our reaction put a little pressure on him, so he checked and checked again ;)

We took all the kids to the ultrasound with us, and it was really fun.  I thought it was really interesting, the minute the image of the baby popped up on the screen (just his spine and head), Maggie said, "Aw, it's a boy."  There was nothing to indicate that from what she could see, but she was sure just by looking at him.

Now that we know it's a boy, Amos has taken complete ownership of him.  It is AMOS' baby.  Amos talks all the time about all of the things he will teach brother.  

Eric is a dang proud Dada, and I think he's forgiven me for being so awful the last few months, just because it's a boy =P

I am grateful to have hit the halfway mark (20 weeks last Saturday).  My due date is September 1, and the plan for now is to induce like with the girls.  I could go on about this forever, but I'll spare you.  I did start a journal at the beginning of this pregnancy.  I didn't keep it up for too long, but I'll share what I've got (it's already weird reading it back, so I am glad I wrote down some thoughts):

January 6, 2012

Today is the day I am certain I am pregnant.  Although I haven't taken a test to prove it, it becomes undeniable when certain feelings of exhaustion, nausea, and an aversion to old favorite foods sets in.  I'll admit I was sorta've clued in when I cried through the ENTIRE month of December, but I wasn't sure.  I think our families thought we knew and just weren't telling them, but it was way too early to know at that point.

Tomorrow will mark 6 weeks.  I HATE knowing this early.  It makes the next 34 weeks feel like forever.  So, in an attempt to make the time pass quicker, I am going to live in denial.  We've decided not to tell anyone, in hopes that not talking about it will help.  Part of me wanted to keep it from Eric, but I need him for back-up when the morning sickness kicks in.

As for my feelings today, if I didn't feel so gross, I'd be really happy.  I like being pregnant, and love bringing new babies into this world.  I've been sad for Audrey a little bit.  She has no idea that she's about to be dethroned.  At the same time, I am most exited for her.  She is going to get a buddy.

I've had some funny conversations with the kids over the past couple of days.  Amos told me I was pregnant before I was certain.  He wants a boy baby.  Most of the time, Maggie doesn't want a baby, but when she does, it's a girl baby.

Eric and I definitely want a boy.  We want a brother for Amos so badly.  He's great with his sisters, but I feel like every boy should have a brother. 

We're so very grateful for this opportunity.  I find myself wondering why it's so easy for us when it is so difficult for other (seemingly much more deserving) couples.  Of course I can't understand that in this life, so I'll just be grateful for it in the meantime.

January 7, 2012

Today I took a pregnancy test for Eric's sake.  No surprise there.  I told Amos there was a baby in my tummy, and he said, "I know."  Then he asked if it was a baby for him, or a baby for Maggie.  Apparently, if it's a boy, it's for him, and if it's a girl it's for Maggie.

January 26, 2012

Still plugging along here.  I have actually been feeling a bit better.  Just so tired.  We went to the doctor and had an ultrasound.  We saw a heartbeat, which means a miscarriage is very unlikely.  The kids really got a kick out of things.  Maggie named the baby "Munchie" on the way to the doctor's office.

A few people know that I am pregnant.  It's near impossible to lie about when you're around people.  It's much easier while in seclusion.  I am still only 8 weeks now, so it's early to be telling anyone anyway.  Amos has told a few people.  Sometimes we laugh it off, sometimes we fess up. 

I've realized this is a sorta've awkward time where I know future events will be affected (like, going to girls' camp for example), but I can't tell anyone, so I just have to pretend and go along.  It's odd, really.  I'll be glad when I can tell. 


My fortune from Saturday's takeout.


deveney said...

I knew it!! I have been thinking it for a few months, Congrats!! A boy is so perfect! You now have exactly what I want, 2 of each-what a blessed family. So excited to see you in a few weeks and loving that you, me, des, and kendra will all be pregnant! Looking forward to us all eating whatever we want:)

Watts Family said...

Congrats Laura, That is so exciting! I am jealous you now have 2 of both. I am hoping for twin boys next time! I am so happy for you guys.

Stephanie Walton said...

Just so you know, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog as I munch here at work on Chick-Fil-A. Don't tell anyone, but (yours is my very favorite blog to read!) I must love you guys. And I'm SOOO excited to meet little boy Horne some day!!!

Stephanie Walton said...

Oh, PS: When we said goodbye to each other that night in December, you were REALLY crying because you love me, not because you were pregnant, just so you know ;)

Kendra said...

That is AWESOME! I'm so glad you guys got another boy. I can't believe you've done such a good job of keeping this to yourself for so long. I don't blame you at all. I'm really happy for you guys! :)

julie said...


Adam & Samantha said...

I'm behind on your blog, but congratulations!! A 4th baby?? You're a super mom! I'm just trying to keep up with my one. :) and you're so right, every boy should have a brother. So happy for you!!

candace said...

Congrats on the baby boy!I love how the kids claim him..