Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Good Karma Day

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your feedback on the strollers.  I appreciate it a lot (and am still open to more!).  We found a store that carries both, so next week we'll go "test drive" them and make the final decision.  I am pretty sure I know which way I am leaning though =)

Today I had some seriously good Karma. 

1. I found a pb kids backpack at Downeast Home embroidered with "Audrey."  I have literally been searching the reject bins for years looking for a treasure.  I have found a couple for friends/family, but NEVER one of my own kids' names.  Either way, I am stoked and one "Audrey's" loss is our Audrey's gain!  The clearance stuff was all an extra 30% off too, so this little gem set me back a whopping $4.19.

2. We went to Ikea (Alecia, if you're reading, we didn't decide to go until we were already in Orem) and Maggie got into the Playland!  I have been to Ikea like 20 times, and 19  times the kids' land has been full.  (I have a theory about people using it for free childcare, not to shop).  Anyway, it was so nice to shop sans Maggie.  At Ikea I found new bedding for Amos' room.  I was going a little crazy with his other bedding that didn't match.  The new bedding is so much better, and doesn't give me an ulcer.

As I was putting all of Maggie's dolls/bears back onto the bed, Audrey climbed up onto the bed.  I was sure she was going to undo all of my work.  Nope.  She just wanted to sit among her friends. 

And, if you're starting to wonder if Audrey ever has clothes on, no.  No, she does not.


candace said...

Such a great find!

Kendra said...

Yay for a good karma day! My friend recently found me a pb star wars backpack with Owen on it. :) And I love naked babies. Owen only wears clothes about 50% of the time.