Monday, April 23, 2012

Eric's Birthday

Philadelphia, ca 2005

Last Friday was Eric's 33rd birthday!  If you take how great Eric is at celebrating birthdays, and then reverse it, you'll get how horrible I am.  I swear my intentions are always good, but I have had some serious flops. 

This year I was determined to raise the bar.  I did, but only because my mediocre performance was better than the usual rotten performance.

Friday night we went to Ruth's Chris because I knew it was foolproof.  Absolutely foolproof.  It pretty much goes downhill from there though.  I arranged for the kids to go to a sleepover, which seemed like an awesome idea.  It was bad for a couple reasons:
  1. Although very excited for their sleepover, the kids were heartbroken they 'missed' Eric's birthday.
  2. I surprised Eric with the empty house, and he took it much harder than expected.  He was really looking forward to seeing the kids.  I don't think he ever quit worrying about them enough to enjoy it =(  I even picked them up an hour early the next morning. 
Packing for the sleepover.

Saturday, once we were reunited as a family, we went for a make-up birthday lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  The kids were a bit ornery from lack of sleep the night before.  Woops.  Otherwise, that part was good. 

Later on Saturday the kids and I made Eric rice crispy treats (his favorite).  I thought it would be extra fun if I let the kids loose with a frosting pen.  Apparently, Eric is a rice crispy treat purist.  Again, woops.

Eric is an amazing dad and husband, we are so very lucky to have him.  I wish his birthday would have gone better, but at least I'll have something to work on for next year.

Eric on Davecation, ca 2012

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Andrea said...

happy birthday eric!