Monday, April 30, 2012

All is right again...

The boys are back in town!  Last week Eric and Amos took their annual April/May trip to Pennsylvania.  Eric almost always has to go for work and Amos gets to tag along.  Sometimes we all go, but this year tickets were INSANE!  Amos only got to go because Dave was SO generous and gifted Amos his skymiles.  So, thanks Dave!

While the boys go, the girls stay and have a "princess party."  There is an actual little party with our friends, the Browns, but the whole week is pretty much a princess party too.  We play, shop, and treat ourselves.  I could have sworn I took some pictures of our adventures, but I've got nothing =(

I do have a completed checklist of things I was going to do while the boys were gone.  We:
  • Went to Ikea
  • Applied our Ikea purchases (i.e. made beds with new bedding, hung curtain rods & shelves, framed pictures)
  • Went to Downeast Home
  • Went to the Temple
  • Cleaned out the car (which was the equivalent of cleaning a barn, although that's probably offensive to actual animals)
  • Video chatted with the boys a lot
  • Read my book for book club
  • Prepared a YW lesson
  • Went to Deseret Book
  • Went to Sally Beauty for Nail polish, applied said nail polish on three sets of nails
  • Grocery shopped
  • Went to Stake Auxiliary Training
  • Cleared to DVR queue of my "crap" shows Eric hates to watch
  • Washed and folded 5 loads of laundry
  • Dusted the blinds
  • Cleaned! Cleaned! Cleaned!
  • Hosted the Princess Party 
The only thing I didn't get to was freezer meals, but I am feeling so weird about food right now, it's probably for the best.  Everything sounds good, until it's time to eat it =(

Thankfully, this post does not have to be pictureless, Eric managed to take a few from their week with his phone:

A new development from this trip was that it was brought to my attention that Audrey and Maggie DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER.  I had no idea they have been just coexisting with Amos as a buffer.  The girls fought like crazy without him around, and it was something else.  Maggie just wanted to be left alone, and Audrey was SO lonely.  They really missed their brother.  Maggie kept looking at the calendar and saying, "why is [Amos' trip] taking too long????" 

Now that Amos is back, all is right in the world again.  Amos and Audrey are running wild in the yard (with the chickens) and Maggie is alone inside playing by herself.  Who knew???

If you look closely, you can see the top of Audrey's head in the coop.  She thinks she's a chick.  Amos thought it was great.

I am so glad Amos and Eric get to make it back to PA so much, but I am even more glad that they're back with us.

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candace said...

U sure got a ton done!coexisting..hahhaha..they just love their brother!!