Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nan and Pop Visit March '12

We're here, we're here!  We've been busy enjoying a perfect visit from Nan and Pop.  Last Wednesday, while we were pretending to be on an airplane, they were actually on an airplane, coming to see us!

We had a great time with them playing at the park, eating awesome food, playing games on the ipad and computer, Grandparent shopping trips, skiing, and seeing the Lorax. 

I thought Amos and Pop had a bond like no other, but this trip Audrey and Nan put them to shame.  Auds and Nan might be the perfect match:

Nan absolutely HATES that we call Audrey fat dog, but she's starting to see why.  When we went to the Lorax, Audrey sat on Nan's lap the whole movie and ate AN ENTIRE LARGE TUB of popcorn.  And she wasn't finished.  She only stopped because the movie ended and we left the theater.  It's amazing.  I was sure she was going to throw it all up.

Don't get me wrong, it's true love all the way around, but Auds and Nan really connected.  We got some fantastic pictures of everybody this time:

Monday we took Amos up to Sundance to give skiing another try.   We were going to hang out and watch at the bunny hill while Amos and Eric showed us their stuff.  Turns out, hanging out with us was much more appealing to Amos than skiing.  Eric got a slight workout though.

After "skiing" we had the BEST picture taking EVER.  Amos was seriously ticked at us, and he was trying so hard to show it.  It was really hard not to laugh at him.  First, he wouldn't stand with everyone:

Then, he insisted on covering his face:

Followed by trying to kill us with a mean face:

So great:

I sure love that kid and everyone else looks awesome =)

Some other honorable mentions from Nan and Pop's visit: I slept in like a socialite who had partied all night, I went to Ikea sans kids!, Pop got to take and pick up Amos from school, Eric took a mini-vacation from work, and as always, there were caramel apples. 

Such a great week, I cannot believe it's over =(

Thankfully, we still have the pictures to look at.


Kate said...

Best post ever! Those pictures are AWESOME! Especially of Amos. I am thrilled you had a such a great week -fun fun fun! When are the PA Hornes coming to my house????

Meg Shaver said...

Dude, that is awesome! What awesome pictures! I love the nose glasses! And Amos' mean face is so cute. Which probably makes him more mad!

deveney said...

love it! looks like a fun week! what i am most shocked about is the snow on the the park, that is crazy to me. we are in full spring mode over here:)