Monday, March 12, 2012

The Most Spoiledest Kids in the World.

Ok, Amos and Maggie aren't really the most spoiled kids in the world, but they've got a good life, I tell ya.

Today, on our way home from Costco, we saw a girl on the scooter.  I don't know why, but Amos had to know all about her.  Why she was riding a scooter, why she was going so fast, etc.

"I wonder where's she's going????" he asked.

I tried to avoid further conversation by saying: "her house, the store, school, I don't know?"

Amos' reply: "Or maybe she's going to buy an iPad"

Yes. Because that's a normal daily thing to do.  Sheesh.

Truth is, Amos and Maggie have good reason to think it's a normal thing.  Eric's their iPad (1) just broke and we were already planning to replace it when Apple announced the newest iPad and the lower prices for the iPad 2s.  So, we got them each an iPad 2 at the new, lower price (which cost less than the one we had before, progress!). 

I hate when people go into a lot of detail about all of the stuff they buy, etc. (because it makes me jealous) but this has historical importance for a couple reasons:

1. When Eric and I got married we made a pact to stay technologically current.  This was serious business.  Doing things like operating on Windows 95 in 2006 (you know who you are) would be unacceptable to us. 

2.  I have been an Apple fan FOREVER.  Since high school, which is truly starting to feel like forever ago.  I liked Macs before they were hip.  I owned a Graphite iMac (you know, the kind they're turning into fishtanks these days).  I owned a first generation iPod.  Yup, the big white brick.  It is my duty to indoctrinate my children.

3. Amos and Maggie insisted on getting the same color cases for their ipads.  Eric had the brilliant idea for me to personalize them using the cricut.  I let Amos and Maggie each choose their own designs.  Of the 1000s of cricut images, Amos chose a blue ribbon (?):

And Maggie chose an apple (sorta've ironic, right?):

They passed up flowers, butterflies, soccer balls, super heroes, etc.  Interesting little people.

So, yes, my preschoolers have their own ipads.  Keep in mind, I have three kids 4 & under.  A mom has to do what a mom has to do.

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