Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Idea That Took Flight-New Beginnings 2012

I don't even know where to begin...first, I suppose we owe thanks to the Relief Society.  When we were brainstorming our ideas for New Beginnings to go with the 2012 Mutual Theme: "Arise and Shine Forth..." I was hung up on a morning, breakfast, pajamas theme.  BUT, the R.S. was already planning a pajama sleepover party, so we nixed that right away.  We continued down the "Arise" train of thought, and before we knew it, we were planning an airplane flight to Hawaii for our New Beginnings.

The idea lent itself perfectly to the theme and what we wanted to accomplish.  It's complicated and long, so I'll just walk through it all, piece by piece.  Bear with me.

The invitations:

Ticket (each person's name was printed individually)

Welcome letter


Airplane tickets.  Duh.  As I was creating them I didn't want there to be any confusion with all of my cutesy puns, so I kept adding more and more layers of information.  We ended up with a folder to hold it all, a welcome letter, and then a ticket for each girl and her parents.

When the girls and their parents arrived the night of, we had part of the cultural hall (i.e. gym) set up as an airport gate:

We had a ticket counter, and then the black hole (it photographed really dark) is the jetway.

Our Laurel Class President welcomed everyone to the flight, we did the prayer and theme, then began the boarding process.

Aboard the plan the flight crew awaited:

The Bishopric: Derek Tangren, Gary Little, and Bishop 'Captain' Brinkerhoff; The YW Presidency: Sara Brinkerhoff, Kathy Bird, Laura Horne, Monica Distefano, and Alisha Chapman

We're some good sports I tell ya.  Actually, I can't speak for anyone else, but it was super fun for me.  Once we had everyone seated we served the in-flight snack.  We had those tiny sodas to pass out a long with pretzels.

I guess now is as good a time as any to talk about the plane...Bishop had his crew literally build an airplane in the cultural hall.  They made a wood frame for the airplane cabin and the jetway, and then lined them in plastic sheeting.

We lined up the rows, added seat back pockets, and hung up windows that the YW drew.  Some of them were a little morbid (think skydivers sans parachutes), but most were super cute with clouds, rockets, and volcanoes.

In their seat back pockets we put the new For Strength of Youth pamphlets, a handout on our "frequent flier program" (i.e. personal progress), and a note that went along with the in-flight movie.

I really wish I had scripts, because boy, were they clever, but we had specialized safety instructions by Br. Little prior to take-off.  Our Bishop happens to have a pilot friend, and he secured a flight simulator and a pilot to fly it for us.  We got to watch an actual take-off, pretty fun.

After take-off, flight attendant Monica invited all of the girls to participate in our Frequent Flier Protection Plan of Personal Progress, also very clever.  She explained the program and the perks and benefits from participation.

Next we had the in-flight movie(s):



Our keynote speaker was Captain/Bishop Brinkerhoff.  He did an awesome job, I can't even begin to paraphrase.  After he spoke, we began our initial descent and used the time to invite up our first time fliers (the 11 year olds joining the program this year) and had some of our frequent fliers (current YW) present the YW Values and then put a lei on each of the new girls in the value color.  We used airplane wings for Virtue/gold.  It's always impossible to find gold stuff!

After we landed (again with the simulator, and actually in Hawaii), Br. Tangren gave us the local time & temp and all of the passengers were invited to the First Class Lounge for refreshments.

Banner bought here.

We served fruit sorbet with sprite, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts (very "Hawaiian").

That about covers it.  I think.  It was a seriously great night, and I am so grateful to everyone who worked so hard to pull it off.

One final picture of the flight attendants (our YW Presidency):

I seriously love and value my friendships with these women.  We're a lucky bunch to get to work together.


Kendra said...

Wow. That is incredibly impressive. What a ton of work that must have taken. But I'm sure it has left a lasting impression on the girls. They are lucky to have you guys as leaders. Very cool!

Meg Shaver said...

That is SOOO cool! Can I be in your YW? Love it!

deveney said...

are you joking?? this is so crazy awesome, wow is all i can say. nice work, i love the theme and all that you guys did with it:)

Stephanie Walton said...

WOW!!!! You guys just keep raisin the bar higher and higher!!! That looks awesome. GREAT WORK! Those girls are so lucky :) I know, firsthand :)

yukonskeeper said...

Wow! Impressive! That is a ton of work. The girls will remember that forever.

The Brown's said...

So glad you blogged this! Looks like it turned out great, wish I could have seen it. Mike had strep throat and we are still slightly in survival mode :) We will adjust. We will adjust. ha ha

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