Thursday, March 29, 2012


Holy cow, our kids are having the time of their lives.  The Iversons came for a visit this weekend, and so far it's been a party and a half.  Liz and Josh headed to Salt Lake to celebrate their 15th! annversary, so I find myself the proud mother of 7.  Having older kids (Carrie, 13, and Allison, 11) is amazing.  They've babysat twice already today.  I CANNOT even imagine a time when I won't have to travel with my entire entourage.

The little cousins are loving each other, in spite of getting off to a risky start of staying up until 1 a.m. last night.  Tonight's bed time should be MUCH earlier.

So far we've had Kranky Franks, played at the park, played on the ipads, played in the yard, and now they're watching "Rio."  Spaghetti dinner tonight. 


Kate said...

I love it! Wish we were there!

Meg Shaver said...

what fun!!! I am loving Audrey's face in the first picture! She's growing up so fast! Crazy!