Friday, March 30, 2012


...the sixth year of marriage is the year Eric starts doing whatever he wants.  If there was one thing I was more adamantly against than the fish tank, it was chickens.

Meet:  Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Peanut, Squeezy, Alexa and Jane Doe.

Last night Eric took the posse out for an adventure.  As I heard them all coming in from the garage I very distinctly heard Maggie say,

"Mama is going to be SO mad at Dada."

(Where am I getting this reputation???) 

Of course, that got my attention, but I could hear them all coming down the hall, so I waited.  A few seconds later they cleared the corner with a tupperware full of chickens.

They were pretty excited and quickly moved them into the bathtub (which Maggie now says she will never use again).  Then, they spent most of the rest of the night watching over them, like this:

This morning, they were right back into that position. 

We'll see how it goes...nothing can end up worse than the Bunnies of 2007.


Andrea said...

oooooooooooooh dear me. enjoy them. . .

deveney said...

oh my gosh, this is too funny. but can i just say that it super groses me out to have those chicks right in your tub?? move those suckers to a box-they poop everywhere! you will love the eggs once they come, hope this ends better then the bunnies:)

Leah said...

The last sentence of this post is the funnest thing I've heard in weeks.

Sunny said...

Oh Laura,You are too much! I would be shocked to have Derek come home with chicks too. There is a lot of chicken passion going around the ward. Looks like it's gotten to your family. Hope it brings you all kinds of good fertilizer and fresh eggs instead of what you I'm dying to find out about the bunnies of 2007!