Monday, February 27, 2012


This weekend was one of many firsts.  I'll start with my own: snowmobiling!  I left on Friday afternoon to go snowmobiling with the youth (14&up) from our ward.  I had no idea I was about to go on the trip of a lifetime. 

We drove out to Strawberry Reservoir parked the vans, trucks, trailers, etc. and loaded up our 26 people onto 11 snowmobiles.  We had 10 doubles, 1 triple, and 3 on sleds riding behind.  It made for quite the caravan.  We snowmobiled into the cabins (one for boys, one for girls) where a massive turkey dinner was waiting for us.  A scouting party had gone ahead of us, and they did a ton of work getting ready for our arrival. 

After dinner, we played games and lounged around the cabin.  Finally, it was time for the midnight ride.  It was incredible.  We rode out to a giant field where the scouting party had already set up a giant fire in a barrel, hay bales for sitting on, and a table with coolers of hot chocolate and s'mores.  Half of us got off the snowmobiles, and then they set the single riders free.  It was awesome watching the headlights of the snowmobiles race around us, with the only other lights being the fire and one billion stars above us.  I was incredibly impressed with the young women and their courage.  They hopped right on and hung in there with the boys (who have all done this before).  I didn't drive that night.  Since I figured I can barely drive a car in the dark, I shouldn't push my luck on a snowmobile. 

We didn't get back to our cabins until 12:45 a.m., which is SO late for me, and it was right to bed from there.

The next morning they let us sleep in until 8:30, which was much needed, but I am pretty sure some of the boys were up and riding around at 6 a.m.  Once we were all up and dressed, it was time to head to the boys cabin for another massive meal.  It just worked out that this was my first chance to drive.  It was broad daylight, and we were going 100 yards down the road.  It seemed like the perfect time to try it.  I loaded up with a very trusting young woman on my back, and we started down the driveway.  I underestimated how hard I would need to turn it, and we didn't make the turn.  We flipped over, quite slowly, into a pile of powder at the end of the driveway =)  It was awesomely embarrassing.  Thankfully, there were only a few witnesses.  Bishop was right behind us, so he had us upright and laughing on our way in no time at all.  I even managed to make the second turn into the driveway of the boys' cabin.

The only picture I managed to take on the whole trip, my goggles and helmet with snow on them from the fall:

After breakfast, we loaded back up and headed out for our big day of riding.  We were down to 22 riders by now, so it worked perfectly with two on a machine.  At this point, we were just going to be on a bunch of trails going to our destination, so my much more experienced driver thought I should drive for a while.  I am glad he pushed it, because I had a great time getting to drive.  It was really helpful to have someone who knew what they were doing behind me, telling me what to do.  I drove until my thumb and shoulders ACHED, then I happily went back to being a passenger.

So, snowmobiling for me was a huge success.  I am totally sold.

Meanwhile, Eric took the kids skiing for the first time ever!

I am overwhelmed by the cuteness of these photos, I can't believe I missed it.  Eric said they did great.  He had them in harnesses with leashes, and he snow plowed behind them.  The 2-to-1 ratio wasn't the best, so we'll have to go again when I can go too.  With Sundance so close, I really hope we'll be able to take the kids fairly frequently. 


Kendra said...

Wow. That's a huge undertaking for the YM and YW. What a cool and fun trip! I've always thought snowmobiling sounds like a lot of fun. Also, the kids are darling in their snow gear.

Kate said...

love it love it love it! it sounds so fun. i am proud of you Laura!

Stephanie Walton said...

ok super homesick for Kolob 4th YM/YW right now...

Laura Horne said...

You would have loved it Steph! It was so fun.

yukonskeeper said...

Who are you?