Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last night as Eric was getting the kids ready for bath time, I overheard Amos tell Eric this:

"Hey Dada, do you know what's magic?  When you pee in the tub, [and kick it,] it just disappears. That's magic!"

You better watch your back, Criss Angel.

Note: Eric says I misquoted little man.  I added in brackets for Eric's adjustment of my memory =)


Meg Shaver said...

I LOVE THIS! I laughed pretty hard! :) Also how did you get the cool message above the comment box? I dig it!

Laura Horne said...

It's in the settings, under "comments." There is a choice that says: "Comment Form Message." (At least in the old template). If you can figure out how to take off your word verfication, it's likely somewhere near in those settings.

Kendra said...

This.Is.Awesome. Miles and I were dying over this. I can't wait for Owen to say awesome and hilarious things like this too! :)