Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I always knew it would end this way.

Last night I went out to run a few last minute Valentine's Day errands, which was a total disaster.  I am sorry, but Walmart was downright miserable.  While I was out, the boys (Dave included) managed to create a little Valentine's Day surprise of their own:

In case it's unclear, that is a 55 gallon fish tank shattered, in our trash can.  The very same fish tank that was in our living room.  And it didn't wait until it was outside to shatter either.

As I walked in the door Amos came running up to me,

"Mom, are you mad at Dad?"

It was so sad and sweet that he was so worried I was going to get mad at Eric.  Truthfully, there was no anger at all.  You might remember that I was always opposed to the fish tank, and that's because I always knew it would end this way.  There was never a doubt in my mind that the only way this would end was in disaster.  I guess that helped me make my peace with it a long time ago.

The other Amosism of the night:

"The fish tank exploded like a volcano!"

Since I wasn't there for it, I appreciated the descriptive account.  I am kind of sad I missed it.

Even though we had to pull out the carpet padding, and we'll have to do something about the ceiling in the basement, the damage is minimal.  Eric and I are more than capable of doing the work ourselves.  I guess that's part of it too, there is peace in being self-sufficient.  We're not at the mercy of an insurance company or contractor.  It also helped that this happens to be our Bishop's business, and he was kind enough to come over and give us a few pointers on minimizing the damage. 

The fish were temporarily relocated to a tupperware immediately after the disaster, and have since been relocated to an 11 gallon tank (that is practically tenement living compared to what they were used to).  They were able to save all the fish, even one that was in the cupboard for about 10 minutes.  We'll have to sort out another tank and all that once the carpets dry.

And finally, I didn't get it, but Eric sent me this text while I was out running errands (and this was all going on):

Is it just me, or would that make you come home faster?


julie said...

Oh my goodness. How on earth did it happen? You are a patient loving woman. I always thought fish tanks were a hassle because you have to clean them all the time. I never imagined it exploding. I hope it all gets fixed soon!

Laura Horne said...

Very fair question Julie, I am not allowed to tell, but I will say it was human error. Severe human error.

Cynthia said...

I can't believe it! One can't be too careful of posting events on the internet. Would hate to see this go viral.

Andrea said...

oh my gosh! i so want to know how it exploded like a volcano.

deveney said...

crazy! and yes, like eveyrone else i am dying to hear the whole story...maybe girls weekend??? hope you still have a fab valentine's day!

Kate said...

OH BOY!!!!