Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chocolate Makes Us Happy

First off, I've gotten a lot of worried texts/emails/messages from those with fish tanks...I can guarantee what happened to us will not happen to you.  Rest easy.

As previously mentioned, we fired up the chocolate fountain for our family valentine party last night.  The kids were so excited, they ate 3/4 of the strawberries while we were waiting for the chocolate to melt.

Auds was still plowing through the heart shaped pizza, so she didn't get much chocolate.  Dave was nice to include her while the rest of us were busy stuffing our faces.

Of course Amos and Maggie were happy, happy, happy, and we ended the night with bath time and a round of stain remover spray for all of our clothes.


Andrea said...

i might be a little bit sad that i was not at your house for valentines day.

Meg Shaver said...

YUMMY! I really want chocolate now! What a fun treat!

Pop said...

Nothing says "Be My Valentine" better than chocolate!