Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Andrew and Baby No Name

This morning after breakfast Amos and Maggie ran off into Amos' room to play (which they do a ton now that the bunk bed is in there).  It wasn't long before I could hear Amos singing a made up lullaby about going to sleep because [the baby] is tired.  I snuck my head around the corner to see Amos and Maggie kneeling down beside a toy crib, rocking it.  There were two babies all snuggled up in it. 

Unfortunately, Audrey was right behind me and she ran in and snatched the babies right out of the crib!  After some serious commotion, and getting Audrey a baby of her own, all was well again.  Although, Maggie's baby took quite a while to quit crying.

They brought their babies out into the living room and Amos told me that his baby was just born, and that the doctor was washing the blood off.  Yeah, they might have just seen a baby being "born" on t.v.  Woops.  Maggie named her baby "Andrew" and Amos has refused to name his, only call her, "the baby that doesn't have a name."

Amos also wasn't up for a newborn photoshoot.  It's ok though, because the candid of him with his baby laying on the couch next to him in the back of this one might be the best I could have hoped to capture:

This is the first time they've played like this, and I sure hope they keep it up.

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