Monday, January 16, 2012

The Wandering Woobie

I don't generally blog about my kids' clothes, but the "Woobie" has taken on a life of it's own.  Anna and I bought this outfit for Audrey at Target the other day.  I don't know what it is, but it rang up as a "Woobie."  When we put the woobie in the cart with Auds, she started to snuggle it, so that was good enough for me.  Who doesn't want an outfit they can snuggle with?

The Woobie in action is better than I could have imagined.  It is like having a live stuffed animal.  It doesn't hurt that Audrey is a total wanderer, and sorta've pet-like to begin with.

From the back:

and, the Woobs reaching for something (an entire head of broccoli, it turns out):

It's hard not to chant, "Woo-bie! Woo-bie!" when you see her coming.  We love the Woobie!


Meg Shaver said...

that's the cutest thing ever! the back included! :) did she eat the head of broccoli? ha

Laura Horne said...

Yup, she ate the broccoli. And about 2000 more calories. The girl is an eater.

Party of Four said...

She is seriously so dang cute. And the outfit is fantastic! I might just have to take a trip to target! I'd love to have a little woobie of my own :)

Laura Horne said...

Yes, Wendy, everyone should have a woobie of their own!

Anna said...

I miss the little Woobie! She better be wearing it when I get there tomorrow!