Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girls and their eggs

Maggie and I have started a super secret girls only tradition, and I love it.

It started over Thanksgiving when Amos and Eric went to PA without us.  We put Audrey down for her nap, and Maggie and I made eggs.  Mags loves to crack the eggs, and then mix them.  She hates the cooking part and ALWAYS says, "be careful mom, it's hot."

On Thanksgiving, we curled up in bed with our eggs and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I knew it felt special that day.  Our tradition really started to stick a few weeks ago though.  Amos was at preschool and we'd just put Audrey for her nap.  Maggie and I made eggs, and then she said, "let's watch the parade!"  I couldn't believed she remembered that.  It must have felt special to her too.

So, now when Amos goes to preschool, and Audrey is sleeping, Mags and I make eggs.  Just the two of us.


Andrea said...

she is so big.

Annie H. said...

Very cute! (And super secret!) :)