Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Future is Bright

Yesterday, Anna and I decided we wanted to get pedicures instead of going with Eric and the kids to get fish for his stinky fish tank (post forthcoming).  We felt too guilty dumping all of the kids on Eric, so we bargained for the free time, and took Maggie with us to the nail salon. 

Maggie was a TOTAL princess.  She watched closely as we got our pedicures.  They had a box of nail design samples and she went through them again and again, arranging and rearranging them.  She kept picking out different designs for Anna and I, it was super sweet. 

Finally, when we were done, it was her turn:

She sat so still while she got her nails painted.

The best part of all though, was when Eric, Amos, and Audrey came to pick us up, and Eric helped Mags dry her nails.  So sweet.

I look forward to MANY nail appointments with my girls.

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Annie H. said...

Very cute!! She's a natural at getting her nails done :) They turned out super cute!