Friday, January 27, 2012

Butty Butty/Monkey See, Monkey Do

A while back, out of nowhere, Maggie started doing a little "butty butty" dance.  It's as technically difficult as it sounds.  Basically, it's a butt wiggle.  She used to do it ALL the time, but then Amos yelled at her and told her "butt" was a bad word, and she quit doing it all together.  We bribed her for a video, so it's a bit of a lackluster performance, but you get the idea...

This brings us to Audrey.  We were teasing Maggie the other day about doing a butty butty and I looked over to see Audrey doing her very own butty butty!  It was shocking that she'd managed to pick that up just from watching Maggie do it (a million times).

In spite of Amos yelling at her every time she does it, we can usually count on Audrey for a "butty butty" these days.

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Meg Shaver said...

That is sooo cute! :)