Monday, December 12, 2011

We Seek After These Things

On Sunday Amos gave the 13th Article of Faith in primary.  Eric helped him recite it into the microphone, and then he got to hold up the poster while all of the kids sang the song.  It was super cute.

Amos has given the Article of Faith before though, it was Audrey who had a primary first.  We sat her on a tiny chair and she sat there.  Still.  She didn't know what to do, so she didn't move at all. 

I need one of those tiny chairs to put her on at home.


Sunny said...

Those tiny Primary chairs work miracles on kids who are too small to be in there. I too know their magic! :) Fun to see you all in there. Amos did awesome and so did Audrey. Maggie did too when she came in for singing time. :)

Laura Horne said...

Thanks Sunny. I totally cropped you out of the picture with Amos =)