Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a tie!

Passed out at bed time.  Er, 3 hours past bedtime.

 I'd thought for sure I'd heard the quote of the day when Amos, in total seriousness, said,

"Maggie, the band is breaking up."

They'd just spent 20 minutes getting ready for their show.  Amos was a winter coating wearing, sunglasses sporting "rock star" and Maggie was decked out as a princess.  Amos had even mandated that she wear eyeshadow for their performance.  But, when Mags refused to wear sunglasses (I am assuming because she couldn't see since they'd turned off every light in the house), Amos declared the show "ruined."  They both pouted about long enough to forget why the show was ruined.  The show did not go on.

Fast forward two hours.  Amos and Maggie are supposed to be sleeping, but instead they're in the bathroom washing their hands.  I've never seen such hand washing diligence.  After a few minutes they bring me Maggie's toothbrush, which is cracked in half.  I tell them it's ok and we'll get a new one at the store tomorrow.  As they're walking away I hear Amos very sweetly say to Maggie,

"It's ok, when I find mine, you can use it."

Ha! First off, I had no idea his was missing, who knows for how long???  And second, I thought we'd covered the toothbrush sharing thing???

Oh, wait!  We have a last minute entry...as I am typing this I overheard Amos say to Maggie,

"I'm sorry, I thought you wanted me to jump on you.  I must not have been listening very good."

Seriously, we should record them talking to one another and play it for people who are sad...It is so good to be home with these little rascals, I tell ya.


Laura said...

Send them my way, I have been cranky since Sunday. This made me smile though, thanks :)

Annie H. said...

Keep 'em coming -- I LOVE reading these! They bring a smile to my face. They're so stinking funny!