Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Santa We Believe

Amos and Maggie in front of the lights at The Shops at Riverwoods.

Amos and Maggie are downright fanatical when it comes to Christmas this year.  They are unbelievably stoked, and it is getting me so excited.

Amos is the most aware of the whole Christmas situation, and he is fully embracing it.  He cleans his room daily so that Santa will know he's good. He asks me about my conversations with Santa and double checks I am telling Santa all the right things.  It's not just Santa though, he talks about Baby Jesus a lot too.  We're working on Mary, Joseph, the Wisemen, and everyone else.  I think it's starting to stick.  Amos has put straw out on our front porch for Santa's reindeer and he's always asking when we can bake Santa's cookies.

There is one minor setback in all of the Christmas hullabaloo: Amos and Maggie are terrified of Santa.  Maggie shakes uncontrollably in his presence.  Amos, though, overcame his fear of Santa last night and actually sat on his lap:

I know I didn't get a picture of him looking at me, but they were talking so seriously, I didn't want to interrupt.  Eric and I were so proud to watch him overcome his fear and sit there and talk to Santa.  I couldn't quite hear what Amos was saying, but I did hear him tell Santa about cleaning his room.  When he was done talking, Santa gave him some candy and he happily ran off, but not before stopping to yell back,

"Oh, and my Dad wants some shoes!"

Pretty sweet of him to remember Eric.

Mags still has some work to do, but there will be more time for that.

On a sidenote, we took the kids to see Arthur Christmas, and we all loved it.  Even Eric.  We kind of want to see it again...I'm already planning a movie night to watch it next December.  So, if you get the chance, go catch it.

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