Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gasoline in a Tupperware

Oh, the Suburban.  We came home from Seattle to find it broken down in the driveway =(  We've fixed just about every part of her over the last couple years, so troubleshooting was easy.  This time the fix was the fuel pump.  No big deal, EXCEPT the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.  Seriously.  It didn't help that the 44 gallon tank was near full either.

Thankfully, Eric was able to enlist Dave and they siphoned out much of the gas (into one of my brand new tupperwares) and fixed the pump.  No prob Bob.  There was the whole losing daylight and having to leave the gas tank sitting in driveway overnight (super classy), along with the tupperware full of gasoline though.

The boys did good work though, and they saved us lots of dollars =)  Maybe I should use them to buy a tupperware that doesn't wreak of gasoline.

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Anonymous said...

We just had our fuel pump go out too. We had no idea how to fix it though so we had to pay the big guys. Glad you guys got it fixed. Looks like Amos was a big help.