Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Especially after today.

Audrey has become a total pill lately.  She just follows me (or whoever) around all day whining and making demands.  You pick her up, she wants down.  You put her down, she wants back up.  You feed her, she throws food.  You don't feed her, she whines for food. It was really wearing on me, so last night I decided to take a shower so I could have a few minute break from her.  No such luck.  She whined and whined at the shower door until I let her in.  When I got out, I thought to myself:

"Maybe she'll play in there alone for a few minutes so I can get dressed in peace."

Nope.  As soon as I was out, she was whining from the inside of the shower that she wanted out too.  Sheesh.  I got her out and tried to get her dressed.  All of a sudden she wants nothing to do with me.  It becomes an all-out wrestling match to get her diaper and pajamas on.  When it's over, she runs away, laughing.  Finally, some peace.

I am so exhausted at this point, I curl up on her bedroom floor, using her towel as a pillow.  Maggie finds me in about one minute, and then scurries back out.  She comes back a minute later with a blanket from my bed, and puts it over me.  Then she turns out the lights and runs off again.  I think she just put me to bed?  A minute later though, she comes back with a fistful of carrots and puts them down by my head.

"Here," she says.

Again she disappears, and comes right back.  This time it's broccoli.  Then again with a cup of grapefruit and a spoon.  Then peanut butter, then pretzels, then cheese, then raisins, then an apple, and finally an orange.

"That'll help you feel better," she says.

It does, but not in a way Maggie can understand.

Later that night, Eric and I were talking about having a fourth child.  Yes, the time has come.  Eric, with Audrey in mind, said:

"After today, are you sure you still want another baby?"

I, with Maggie in mind, answered:

"Especially after today." 

*this isn't an "I'm pregnant" announcement, I promise. In fact, I am thinking this time I'll keep it a secret as long as possible...like, "I'm pregnant, and due next month!"  That'd be awesome, right?


Kendra said...

Aw...such a sweet post. Oh man have I had those days with Owen! I just don't have a Maggie to make it all better and have to wait until Owen decides to be sweet again. I loved this though. And I'm all for you having baby #4. And while I support you not telling people, you may deal with people awkwardly asking you if you're pregnant and wondering if they shouldn't have asked. :)

Nana said...

Love this post! Children can be such an influence.